Available courses

Digital Citizenship

Category: Co-Curricular
Welcome to Bellarmine's digital citizenship course. You will complete various activities in this course during your first three years at Bellarmine. You will be asked to think about topics including Internet safety, privacy and security, relationships and communication, cyber-bullying and digital d…
  • Teacher: Kathy Maxey
  • Teacher: Aaron Rogers
  • Teacher: Chelsey Rosario

iPad WiFi Enrollment

Category: Co-Curricular
  • Teacher: Raymond Respicio

Model United Nations Club – BellarMUN

Category: Co-Curricular
Bellarmine Prep’s Model United Nations (MUN) club – BellarMUN – was recently promoted and is now a program. As a program, BellarMUN is one of Bellarmine Prep's fastest-growing extracurricular activities. As a part of the Model UN program, students role-play delegates of the United N…
  • Teacher: Ken Brown

Robotics (Chase & Taylor)

Category: Co-Curricular
  • Teacher: John Chase