Available courses

Bands and Percussion

  • Director: Casey Whitson

Chamber Orchestra

  • Teacher: Alejandro Baez

Choral and Orchestra Music

Choral and Orchestra This site is designed for students who are enrolled in the Choral or Orchestra program at Bellarmine Prep. You will find information and dates for concerts, permission slips, choral music practice files,recording and an assortment of assignments, resources, lessons and quizzes.…
  • Maestro: Faith Ockwell

Con Gratia

  • Teacher: Alejandro Baez

Men's Ensemble

The class is devoted to the training and development of a strong performance in choir. Opportunities for public performances are essential objectives. Emphasis is placed on developing proper techniques of vocal production in the male voice and experiencing a variety of music types.  Open to me…
  • Teacher: Alejandro Baez

Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble is a select group of mixed (S-A-T-B) voices devoted to learning and performing various styles of music. Selection by the director is based primarily on musicianship and sight reading ability, singing ability, positive attitude, and leadership qualities. This group will perf…
  • Teacher: Alejandro Baez